Biocultura streaming, the digitalisation of a trade fair adapted to innovation and the future

Our challenge consisted in redesigning the website, and improving the experience of the fair by creating an App and providing content not only for four days but throughout the year with Workshops, recipes, talks, etc... To monetise it, we proposed the creation of a virtual ticket.


P04. Product Design


iOS and Android


UI Screens, UX Flow and Prototype

Context, paintpoints  & needs


To improve the experience of the next Biocultura 2020 Fair in Barcelona by renewing its website, also its mobile version and introducing new features.


The problem  

The digital experience of the fair at present ( March 2020) is just the design of a messed up website that tries to get only exhibitors. Visitors are not able to take full advantage of the fair. Everything is reduced to an exhausting and stressful visit of the exhibitors' stands and some shopping. The web content before and after the fair is poor. There is also a second problem - opportunity for a change and digitalization for the celebration of Biocultura in September 2020 in Barcelona. This is the COVID pandemic.


The research resulted in a search for the pain points of the surveys. In general many Biocultura fans cannot attend due to lack of time and the possibility of accessing the fair at another time in the form of videos and online shop seems very appealing to them. They are able to pay an entrance fee, which we will call a Virtual Ticket.

The current website is chaotic and has no use for the amateur visitor who is looking for invitations for not paying the 7 euro entrance fee. 46% do not consider buying it on the web.

Strategic Goals

Health for you and health for Earth.

1. Sort the web contents with an information architecture.

2. Create a version or application of Biocultura to be able to enjoy the fair mainly with the mobile phone during the days of celebration and afterwards.

3. Increase the number of visits to the website and downloads of the App.

4. Creation of an online shop - digitalization of the fair, products and services of the stands or at least to be able to contact in such an easy way with the Bio suppliers as if we were present at the fair.

5. New idea, the Virtual Ticket the entrance to the fair to have access to the events and courses in the video library or in streaming.

Results Solutions

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