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Icomplain: customer should trust in Apps and Brands

I began exploring e-learning platforms (teachable.com) of competitors to familiarize myself with their offerings. I evaluated several features that were considered essential from user surveys and identified which ones NextMove could capitalize on to gain an advantage over other platforms. I evaluated the competitors by focusing on these criteria: Usability for headhunters Consistency and standards; Aesthetics and minimal design; Login process; Sign up process; Course experience and futures; Accessibility features. A product for Bros Group HR


P02. UX/UI Designer, UX Research, Testing


Web App


Research and strategy design on Notion App

Context, paintpoints  & needs

Challenge design a Web app that helps the company Gros Group on their on boarding processes.



The only place where customers can give feedback of Apps or Brands is with the star ratings on the IOS and Android platforms. In many cases these ratings are unfair or exaggerated. Unfair competition makes the reviews not very credible. Icomplain, a startup focused on customer service, wants to bring order and attract users to report good or bad reviews and on the other hand brands that want to improve their reputation in a trusted social network.

Opportunities for users

  • Complaints not resolved
  • Companies deleting comments from social media
  • Energy-draining process
  • Scams and fake reviews
  • Unable to make an impact

Opportunities for Brands and Apps

  • Expensive decentralized system
  • Social shaming
  • Answering the same questions all the time
  • No follow-up
  • Positive resolutions don't pay off
  • Inability to get seen
  • Inability to provide professional CS

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