HandyBER a disruptive app that merges the idea of Uber and UpWork or Tinder and Google Business

HandyBER an App that connects Berliners with home repairs with the best professionals in the neighbourhood.


P01. Handymen in Berlin. Product Design


Berlin, product Design, UX/UI, strategy, UX research


User flow, Logo, Naming, UI/UX

Context, paintpoints  & needs

HandyBER an App that connects Berliners with home repairs with the best professionals in the neighbourhood.

Briefing, problems & pain points. Laura is a woman who lives alone in an apartment in Berlin. Two years ago she received a letter informing that the neighbour who lives in the apartment on top hers has a leak, apparently caused by a failure in the drainpipe on her terrace.

Since then, she has not stopped receiving calls and visits from workers who do not know anything about the situation (they do not know if it is the first visit that Laura receives, nor what progress other architects or plumbers have made) and this causes her problems since she works from home and is being interrupted repeatedly. Furthermore, she has had to explain the whole story every single time that anyone shows up at her front door.


Hi, this is Eduardo Navarro and I want to convince you with my experience in User-Centred Design that my approach to the problem is the simplest and most business-friendly one.

Kenjo asks me to solve a problem like a Product Designer. For this I use the design thinking process with the following elements attached: RESEARCH (moodboard, benchmarking, empathy / user persona) + DEFINE the needs and the problem ( idea, proposal, concept, differentiation, value proposition) + PROTOTYPING (UI design, low, medium and high resolution) + TESTING + EVALUATING.

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Results Solutions

Connecting those who have a domestic problem to be fixed with a network of professionals at a fair price.

Challenge solution

I would like to offer a platform that tenants, final users, clients and professionals can use to have a way to report incidents and be able to follow up on them. Also, to be able to receive notifications if the status of the incident changes or if it has been solved.

On the side of the professionals, it would be ideal to be able to offer them a search engine that provides results just by giving a piece of information. I propose different search filters: price, distance or number of stars that make the App friendly.

The information provided in the professional's card is very important for the end customer to decide for one professional or another. The data would be: average rating, number of jobs done, contact by message or mobile phone, price per hour, professional verified by the platform (HandyBER).

Berlin Neighbours

Platform / Apps

The platform I have designed is a MVP (minimum viable product) whose main device in a first phase is the mobile phone. I propose a brand named HandyBER, the fusion of two words "Handyman" and "Berlin". In case of Madrid it would be HandyMAD.

The aim is to make life easier for people who need to do repairs at home and to live in a cosy environment where all the elements work properly., finding the right professional and a good price.

My digital product adapts to all kinds of users, not only to tenants but also to insurers or entrepreneurs who want to use the App with their brand. I am also not forgetting professionals, painters, plumbers, bricklayers, electricians, experts in reforms, carpentry, electrical appliances, television aerials, awnings, flooring, roof waterproofing, swimming pools, gardens, electricity, etc...They will find business opportunities thanks to the platform. Se trata de dar visivilidad digital a los profesionales.

In summary, the platform is made up of two Apps.

The App for end final costumers with urgent needs 

The App for professionals

Value proposition

HandyBER's values would be:

Honest, transparent, ecological, friendly, fair price, decisive, fast, close, easy.

HandyBER y HandyBER-professional quiere obtener el certificado Blab Company

Good for professionals, good for final costumers, good for our planet.

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