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GUADALMOV is the sustainable mobility of the Spanish city of Guadalajara. It is a brand that places this beautiful city located 70 kilometres from Madrid at the Innovation Centre of carbon footprint reduction. The mobility project in Guadalajara is strategic. The 3 axes of the project are sustainability, accessibility for tourists, elderly, university students or neighbours in general and wellness and health. For this we have two partners Tecnivial (road engineering) and Reby (bicycles, scooters, electric cars).


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Context, paintpoints  & needs

The mobility project in Guadalajara is strategically planned on three axes: Sustainability, Accessibility and Well-being.
The result is a concept, GuadalMOV, whose protagonists are electric bicycles and scooters whose aim is to reduce pollution, noise and the number of cars on the road.


Estrategia y busqueda de soluciones.

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Results Solutions

Making Guadalajara a smokeless and healthy cityCreation of car parks strategically placed near universities and with connection to the train station.

Our proposal is to design a city in line with the 2030 sustainability goals and where the inhabitants are proud of it. A city where there are fewer cars and more pedestrians. To make Guadalajara more liveable, efficient in multiple trips, improve air quality.

How do we do this? With VPM mobility, bicycles, scooters and electric bikes from REBY.

In short, the purpose of GUADALMOV, representing the values of the Guadalajara City Council and aligning itself with those of REBY, is to make possible the well-being and happiness of the whole population, children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

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